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Company Information
Jung San Bio Technology Co., Ltd
Dermona and Enchant products, manufactured by Jung San Bio Technology Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea, represent the results of thousands of years of Oriental Herbal knowledge combined with modern herbal and cosmetic technologies. Established in 1980 by Mr. Seong Nyoung Kim, he was looking for a product that would help eliminate some skin ailments that his family was experiencing. Unable to find any relief through western medical practices, he was reminded of how his Korean ancestors maintained soft, healthy skin without the aid of modern science. Mr. Kim thereupon began to study and travel extensively to obtain more information about traditional Oriental remedies. His efforts culminated in the discovery of a 17th Century manuscript entitled “Encyclopedia of Oriental Medicines and Practices.” In this document he found many herbal compounding formulas that specifically helped to heal and maintain healthy skin.

Today Jung San Bio Technology Co., Ltd. leads the way in offering the world a wide array of skin care products which function precisely as described in the archives of traditional medical practices. The combination of herbs forms a new material, which revitalizes the skin’s natural physiological function. What you experience with Dermona and Enchant are a gentle, yet subtly powerful line of products. This power produces an environment for optimal skin health. Dermona and Enchant are, therefore, what all other skin care lines aspire to be, perfect.

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