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Q: Can Dermona and Enchant products be combined?
A: Yes. It is completely safe to combine both products. However Dermona already possesses a very complete range of products that have multi-functional uses but you may use Enchant products to complement Dermona. For example, Enchant’s clinic serum, peeing gel, facial mask and others have their own special functions, if you use them together with Dermona, you can experience even better skin improvement. 

Q: Are Dermona’s 4 products enough for my daily needs?
A: Dermona products are multi-functional and consequently service more than one need. For example, Skin Vitalizer combines skin toning/calming and moisture retention functions. Essence Nutrition combines essence and lotion functions. Wrinkle & White Care combines three functions: anti-wrinkling, whitening, and eye enhancement. The Herb Cream works for skin recovery, improvement in skin color, and the acceleration of vitalization functions. Therefore with only 4 products, Dermona can cover the entire range of your daily skin care needs.

Q: What is the difference between Dermona and Enchant?

A: The production methods are the same however Dermona drives its unique features through a combination of more than 40 traditional Korean herbs while Enchant utilizes about 30. Due to its skin improvement and anti-aging effectiveness, Dermona is more suitable for people who are over 30 so we strongly recommend it to this age group.

Q: Is it advisable to combine Dermona and Enchant with other brands’ products?
A: It is not advisable to combine these products with other brands as most products from other companies contain chemicals that will disturb the unique features of Dermona and Enchant. To get the maximum benefits from our products, try to minimize the use of cosmetics that contain chemicals of any kind.
Q: What is that distinctive scent that Dermona products possess?
A: You’ve detected our trademark scent. The aroma originates from the patented Korean cherry extract and traditional Korean herbs that we use. As there are no chemicals used in these products, the scent can’t be changed and is a direct result of the unique combination of traditional Korean herbs.

Q: What is the difference between Dermona/Enchant and other herb cosmetics? 
A: Dermona and Enchant are the only brands worldwide that use traditional Korean herbal medicine in their products. That is the reason why Dermona and Enchant have the unique distinction as being the only cosmetics listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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